• Freedom Seat is a human powered journey to help spread awareness about human trafficking.

Where are you riding?

  • Naresh will ride a tandem bicycle from Chennai, India to Hamburg, Germany. The route will be determined as the ride happens. We may have to change course along the way due to weather, support or visas, so we are keeping it flexible.

Can I ride with you?

  • YES! Please check in to see where Naresh is riding to see if he will be near your city. We will try to post updates on social media (Facebook and Instagram) to let you know where we will be headed next.

How can I help?

  • There are lots of ways to support Freedom Seat.

    • Ride with Naresh as he passes through your city.

    • Donate online to help support the cause.

    • Contact us if you would like to provide a place to sleep or a meal along his route.

    • Help us spread awareness by inviting Naresh to speak with your organization.

    • Share this cause with all your friends and family! You never know how kindness will help!

Will you speak with my organization?

  • We would love to speak with your organization. We will do our best to accommodate any requests, but it will depend on where we are and the timing of our ride. Please send us an email with any requests to: whereiskindness@gmail.com

Where do my donations go?

  • There are several organIzations that we are working with. These organizations focus on rehabilitation, recovery and providing job training that allows for new opportunities.

How can I contact you?

  • Because we are traveling through many countries, email is the best way to contact us. Our team will work to respond to any questions as soon as we can. Naresh will have limited access to reply, so please be patient!

Can I see where you are on a map?

  • Yes, please click on the ‘Where is Naresh?’ button to see where he is!

What moved you to raise awareness for human trafficking?

  • During a training trip to Nepal, Naresh was personally approached by a man trying to trafficking young girls. He was appalled and quickly found a way to try and spread awareness for this disturbing practice. Human trafficking is one of the fastest growing global crimes, and it is a multi-billion dollar industry. Naresh hopes to spread awareness through personal interactions with people around the world to share about this global crisis.