Freedom is the highest form of living yet 40+ million people do not have that freedom. Freedom seat is a series of endurance missions focused towards raising awareness and funds to fight human trafficking and exploitation. Your donation funds a full circle approach to tackle human trafficking from every angle.

Prevention | Rescue | Prosecution| Rehabilitation



17th March 2018  |  5500+ km  |  Fremantle, Perth to Opera House, Sydney

Finish line: On the stairs of the Opera House, Sydney

Finish line: On the stairs of the Opera House, Sydney

The Indian Pacific Wheel Ride - A solo, single-stage, unsupported, 5,500km road cycling race ocean-to-ocean across Australia from Fremantle, Perth to Opera House, Sydney. I wa riding 5,500km through deserted and treeless Nullarbor plain, wineries districts, rolling hills, full length of the world famous Great Ocean Road, and a mountainous 1,000km final sector through the heart of the Australian Alps eventually finishing at the Opera House in Sydney.

For Freedom Seat Australia, I partnered with IJM Australia



16th Jan 2017  |  3330 km  |  Cape Reinga, North Island to Bluff, South island


A solo, single-stage, unsupported, 3330 km tandem cycling adventure from Cape Reinga in the North to Bluff in the South. I picked up strangers and friends along my way to join me in this expedition that combined the simplicity of biking with the fun twist of riding a tandem bike.

I'll invited strangers and friends to take up the rear seat and help pedal for a cause. During the ride, I was listening to their stories and sharing about the campaign. My goal was to connect with people at a more meaningful level and sharing stories about these young children who do not have freedom, a story that would make people care.

For Freedom Seat Australia, I partnered with TEAR Fund NZ


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